Our gas tanks fit type 1 or type 3 suspensions. The tank is the same, the brackets are a bit different.


The aluminum 14 gallon 1/8” thick custom gas tank is designed just for our trike kits.  They come with a sending unit and a ground terminal and a side vented fill cap.  They mount under the IRS suspension with specially made mounting hangers.  The rear tank bracket is mounted on the motor horn bolts on the type 1 IRS suspension and the front bracket is welded to the 2” by 2” neck.  The front bracket has a special bolt on bracket that after one part is welded the second part can be unbolted to lower the tank.  The tank has angles welded on the bottom to keep the tank in its proper side to side location.  The tank is not painted.  This tank will work for a type 1 or a type 3 suspension.  The brackets are different but the same price.

The price for this tank and the mounting brackets is $818.00 plus tax if picked up in Ava, or plus P & H & Shipping to your location.

Type 1 Set-Up

Type 3 Set-Up