This vw trike was manufactured and built by the founder of Possum Pride Trike Bodies. He built this trike out of love for his wonderful wife. She has supported him from the begining of Possum Pride Trike Bodies and is still supporting him today through the success of the company.


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This Trike is a full 3 speed Automatic trike, that has been designed with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind.  My Son gave me the idea to design a new trike to appeal to the younger crowd and give it a motorcycle theme.  This trike has a 26” by 3.75” DNA Storm billet front wheel, a DNA 62 mm inverted shock absorber front end, two 18” by 10.5” Storm billet rear wheels with Avon 300/35/18” tires,Trail Tech Speedometer, a 1642 cc newly rebuilt motor, newly rebuilt 3 speed automatic transmission, my custom “Show Quality” upholstery, “Ghost Rider” theme wrap with several coats of clear coat.


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